How it works

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Media Manager helps you


  • Get your team up and running quickly with our rapidly deployed, turnkey system
  • Simple intuitive interface and powerful search technology make it easy to find the latest materials and on-brand content
  • Collaborate, share and quickly deliver assets so that your team can focus on what they do best, supporting your business

Optimize asset

  • One secure, central library for all content in all markets and geographies
  • Internal and external audiences, you control access
  • Track ROI and asset use to make the most of your materials

Simplify rights management

  • Easily track assets, notify users, expire content
  • All your license information front and center to help ensure compliance
  • Automatically import files, keywords and license information

Store, manage and share

Easily manage content

  • Import a year of purchases and downloads from
    Getty Images and Thinkstock for an instant asset library
  • Easily add content from custom shoots, DVDs, drives, and FTP content directly to your site
  • Customize metadata for your business
  • Define content categories and project folders
  • Create and share custom lightboxes and saved searches

Control access & extend audience

  • Assign users, stakeholders and partners to appropriate permission levels
  • Control usage with watermarking, encrypted downloads, download limits, custom license warnings and expired asset notifications
  • Extend reach by enabling support for 18 languages
  • Send files via link, attachment, FTP or PDF contact sheet
  • Leverage reporting on users, logins and downloads to inform marketing strategy and content development

Be multi-channel ready

  • Preview and download quickly and easily with seamless video transcoding and file acceleration capabilities
  • Automatically generate formats for other markets or online use
  • Leverage embedded video capabilities to quickly and easily post to your website
  • Easily convert high-res images to other formats, ideal for web, PowerPoint or other custom outputs

Customize to meet
your needs

  • Brand it with your own unique sign-in page, vanity url, logo and visuals
  • Create unique libraries for departments, products or regions
  • Develop custom metadata, content categories and landing pages
  • Personalize registration, content, download approval workflows
  • Integrate with your corporate Intranet or web service APIs for consistency and workflow optimization